Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell our data/content to a third party?
No, this is your data/content and you own the copyright. We will never sell your data or content to anyone but of course you are free to sell your courses or data/content to anyone you wish.

Can we take our content elsewhere for hosting or is there some kind of lock-in?
You can always take a backup of your data that you create at KTS and there is no lock-in.You can download your database (site backup) via our control panel and files via FTP. This provides you complete freedom, you can move your site anytime, anywhere you want.

How is our data/content protected and secured in our Moodle site and who has access to it?
We rely on Moodle’s security. All FTP accounts are secured with your passwords. Only KTS staff can access your content or data in response of your support ticket.

Who owns the copyright of the content of our Moodle site hosted on KTS servers?
You, offcourse. As per our program policies. "You shall be solely responsible for maintaining copyright notices wherever applicable in your Moodle site. KTS don’t have any right or responsibility for Your Content or its copyright on your Moodle site."

Can we use Key To School Logo in my blog or website?
Yes, we are happy that you want to. Our logo can be downloaded from here.

Who owns Key to School? Our School/College/University or Company needs to verify your Identity.
Key To School (KTS) is a non-profit project managed by Vidya Mantra EduSystems Private Limited, India. Our company can be verified by using CIN U80302DL2008PTC184651.

Are you affiliated with Moodle Trust or Moodle Foundation?
Key To School or any of its services are not affiliated with Moodle Trust or Moodle Foundation.


Do we have to buy a domain?
No, it is not necessary. You can choose a free sub-domain during sign-up.

Can we use my own domain?
Yes, you can use your domain.

Can we use a sub-domain of my domain?
Yes, you can use a sub-domain.


Can we add a new theme to our Moodle site?
No, due to security reasons this is not allowed. However, we do have many ready to use themes which you can choose from. Some themes allow you to change logo and header with your custom image.


What is Moodle?
Moodle is a free, open-source PHP web application for producing modular internet-based courses that support a modern social constructionist pedagogy. You can read more about it at

Where can we learn Moodle from?
You can start from reading “Using Moodle” book. You can further read from Moodle docs at

What is our username and password of my new site?
Your default username in your Moodle site is admin and password is login.

Can we add new module / plugins in our Moodle site?
No, due to security reasons this in not allowed. however we have already provided some popular third party plug-ins which you can use. You can request for a particular module, to be added in system. If the module is stable and useful, our staff will add it to KTS.


our unique Hosting features

  • Automated instant setup.
  • Ready to use custom themes designed by professional designers.
  • Ready to use 3rd party modules/plug-ins.
  • Latest, stable and secure versions of PHP and other back-end softwares.
  • Password recovery via control panel.
  • Active users stats, monthly and yearly graphs.
  • Auto Moodle cron setup.
  • Open and No vendor lock-in. >>