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At KeyToSchool (KTS), we believe that the Moodle learning management system is truly a gift to all. However, deploying and managing Moodle is an all-consuming task. From hosting to development, training to support, it requires expertise, which we are here to offer.

  • Moodle Hosting

    Fully managed Moodle Hosting services for you. We have various plans and we are sure one of them will be perfect for your needs. We are proud to serve over one million students daily. Our expertise of hosting thousands of sites since 2009 will let you unwrap the gift of Moodle for your students. Contact us about setting up a prototype site today. You can be Moodling a lesson tomorrow.

  • Moodle Themes

    With dozens of high quality Moodle themes available to you, we are sure there will be a theme for you. We can also build a custom theme from scratch exclusively for you.

  • Moodle Development

    We have a dedicated team of experienced Moodle developers. We can create any plugins, reports, or course formats you require.

  • Moodle Training

    We have certified and experienced trainers who can provide on-site training.

  • Moodle eCommerce

    You can sell your courses online with our eCommerce solution.

  • Moodle Support

    Moodle can be complex at times. We provide support for all technical challenges, usability issues, administrative tasks.

  • Moodle Mobile App

    Get your own custom-branded app on the Google Play store and Apple App store.

  • Moodle Integration

    Integrate Moodle with your existing software.

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