Moodle Themes

Who else is giving you commitment to upgrade themes as new version of Moodle comes out?


Moodle Themes

Thanks to our subsidiary, we have dozens of high-quality themes at your disposal. More themes are added on regular basis.

A good theme is not just limited to the look and feel but extends to offer clear visibility and easy navigation. As it becomes the identity of any organization, it shall be chosen wisely.

To make your Moodle site look even more beautiful, we offer many themes that can differentiate you from your competitors. Our themes are designed by our experienced designers at

We also provide tailor made custom themes for your brand.

We have been delivering fantastic Moodle themes since 2011 and have successfully made Hundreds of Themes. In a span so far we have served thousands of customers worldwide. All the Moodle Standards are followed to make a theme.

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