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KTS Plans

KTS Moodle Hosting – The most competitive plan available, suitable for simple needs.

Recommended for those who have simple needs or who are just starting out. Your Moodle and all 3rd party modules and themes will always be kept up to date.

Don’t let low prices distract you. We are so competitive because we have eliminated human man-hours by automating almost everything. Given the massive server infrastructure that we own & operate, we can quickly scale to thousands of Moodle sites, thus lowering costs even further.

Plan Active* Users Disk Space Price / month
Free trial of first month Price / Year
 Buy Annual Plan
KTS-Sandbox** 25 1 GB NA NA $9 Buy
KTS-100 100 20 GB $15 Free trial $130 Buy
KTS-200 200 40 GB $25 Free trial $250 Buy
KTS-500 500 60 GB $50 Free trial $500 Buy
KTS-1k 1000 120 GB $100 Free trial $1000 Buy
KTS-2k 2000 180 GB $150 Buy $1500 Buy
KTS-3k 3000 240 GB $200 Buy $2000 Buy
KTS-4k 4000 300 GB $250 Buy $2500 Buy

No contract. No setup fees. Cancel anytime.
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All KTS Plans Include

  • *Users that can login during a month under the corresponding plan
  • Latest Moodle Version
  • Free Congrea Virtual Classroom
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Instant deployment
  • Redundant infrastructure and storage for high availability, scalability and performance
  • Cloudflare CDN for ultra-fast content delivery
  • 24/7 operations & monitoring
  • Daily full site backup
  • Use your own domains / sub-domains or our sub-domains
  • Pre-loaded customizable, mobile ready themes
  • Pre-loaded popular 3rd party plugins
  • Free SSL / TLS session security (HTTPS)
  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • Long term database archive policy, up to 5 years
  • Free migration of your existing Moodle site
  • Technical support with no restrictions on number of incidents
  • SMTP server for outgoing mail
  • Domains (optional extra)

**Sandbox plans may have different service parameters.