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Moodle Support

Get support and consultation from experienced Moodle experts

Some of the Moodlers often find it difficult to reap the maximum benefits out of the Moodle system. Moodle documentation is well detailed but a┬ádocumentation can’t always help you out. We bridge this gap by providing extended Moodle support where our team will assist you in all situations related to Moodle.

Although we provide complimentary standard Moodle support to our clients which include the operational support, technical support, bug fixing but some customers requires an extended support that may include usability issues, administrative tasks or consultation.

If you are in the dilemma whether to use lesson or book module in the course, or whether to use SCORM package or IMS package, which plugin suits best your purpose at Moodle, we provide you the assistance or consultation.

We provide professional Moodle support to individuals as well as institutions. You will get a single point of contact in our team of Moodle experts who will be responsible for responding to all your queries. It results in a huge time saving for your team as the relationship manager will be the sole point of contact for your whole team. She will be directly responding to your queries and providing her invaluable suggestions for all your questions.

Typical pricing starts from $1000 per year. Please Contact Us for a free quote.