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Technical Support Policy


Technical Support Agent – A person charged with providing front line support via support ticket, phone, email, and chat applications.

Business Hours – Vidya Mantra Client Portal is available 24/7/365.

Fundamentals Training – Training courses that cover the essentials of an application to enable you to fulfill the day to day tasks required of the system.

Order Confirmation – Means either: 

  • The online Order Confirmation that you submit to Vidya Mantra via the Vidya Mantra Website, or 
  • Any other written Order Confirmation (either in electronic or paper form) provided to you by Vidya Mantra for the signature that describes the Hosting Services you are purchasing, and that may be signed by you, either manually or electronically.

Subscription – The subscription to support services is valid for the length of the term.

Support Fees – The fees paid by you for the Support offering under your ordering document (signed Order Confirmation) include the Support described in this Policy. Depending on your support level, you may not be separately invoiced for support provided as part of the Support offering.

Support Period – Support is effective upon the effective date specified on your signed Order Confirmation, and ends upon the expiration or termination of the Support offering under such signed Order Confirmation  (the “support period”). We are not obligated to provide support beyond the end of the support period.


We are committed to providing rapid, high-quality assistance to customers that encounter technical issues with the products we offer. Customers can contact our skilled technical support agents for help.

This Technical Support Policy applies to the LMS Support offerings.

This Policy applies to the technical support provided by us as part of the offering acquired by you under your Order Confirmation or when technical support is provided as part of hosting services. Customers who receive Custom Level Services or Custom Level Extended Support may request support via phone or directly from their client portal. Such clients have received specific information on those contact numbers at the time they contracted services. Support is subject to the terms and conditions of the Order Confirmation document. Support does not include services for any of our offering or program that is not expressly provided by us as part of the offering under your Order Confirmation. 

As used in this Technical Support Policy, “you” and “your” refers to the individual or entity that has ordered Support from us. We will provide support in accordance with our privacy policy available on our website.

This Technical Support Policy is subject to change at our discretion; however, Our policy changes will not result in a material reduction in the level of support provided during the period for which fees for the applicable offering have been paid.

First and second line support

You are required to establish and maintain the organization and processes to provide “First Line Support” directly to your users. First Line Support shall include but not be limited to following.

  1. A direct response to users with respect to inquiries concerning the application environment, functionality or operation of the application environment.
  2. A direct response to users with respect to problems or issues with the application environment.
  3. A diagnosis of problems or issues of the application environment.
  4. A resolution of problems or issues with the application environment.

If after reasonable efforts you are unable to diagnose or resolve problems or issues you may contact Vidya Mantra for “Second (2nd) Line Support”. Second Line Support shall consist of the following.

  1. A diagnosis of problems or issues with the application environment
  2. Reasonable efforts to resolve reported and verifiable errors in the application environment so that it performs in all material respects.

We may review service requests logged by your technical contacts, and may recommend a specific organization and process changes to assist you with the practices described in this Support Policy.

Technical contacts

Your technical contacts, we recommend up to 3 per organization, are the sole liaisons between you and us for support of the Support programs. Your technical contacts must have, at minimum, initial product Fundamentals Training and, as needed, supplemental training appropriate for a specific role or implementation phase, specialized product usage, and/or migration. Your technical contacts must be knowledgeable of the Technical Support Policy and your application environment in order to help resolve system issues and to assist us in analyzing and resolving service requests. When submitting a service request, your Technical Support Agent should have a baseline understanding of the problem you are encountering and an ability to reproduce the problem in order to assist us in diagnosing and triaging the problem. To avoid interruptions in support services, you must notify us whenever technical contact responsibilities are transferred to another individual.

Vidya Mantra may review service requests logged by your technical contacts, and may recommend specific training to help avoid service requests that would be prevented by such training.

Support levels

Our Technical Support consists of assistance with service requests through our online Client Portal at which is available 24/7/365.

There are three support levels.

Standard Support – It comes with our hosting services, without any additional fee.

Extended Support – Customers can buy this support at additional cost.

Dedicated Support – Here, the customer will receive a dedicated support manager and depending on purchased subscription, multiple dedicated full time support personnel will be assigned for your support.

Support includes but is not limited to following depending on your support levels. 

Infrastructure Technical
  1. Outages
  2. Site performance
  3. Database backups
  4. SFTP access
  5. Full site backups
  6. LMS CRON job
  7. SSL certificate installation
  8. Content Distribution Network
  9. Domain name setup
  10. Email
  11. Plugin installation*
  12. Theme installation**

* Plugin installation does not include testing
** Installation of plugins and themes are not available on KTS plans

  1. Everything in Standard Support
  2. Custom configurations on server
  3. Monitoring setup
  4. Plugin installation with testing
  1. Navigate Moodle
  2. Site registration
  3. Dashboards
  4. User creation, roles, and permissions
  5. Course and activity settings
  6.  Course completion tracking
  7.  Activity access restrictions
  8.  Gradebook items & scales
  9.  User enrolments, cohorts, & groups
  10.  Course backup & restore
  11.  Location and Language settings
  12.  Best practice for security & configuration
  1. Everything in Standard Support
  2. Administration including all settings & plugin configuration.
  3. Expert Suggestions on Moodle usage, content, and best practices.
  4. Assistance on Integration with 3rd party applications.

Server Maintenance contracts, when applicable include sizing, architecting, deployment, configuration, upgrades, optimisation, security, monitoring and maintenance for your Moodle server(s) and the underlying stack including the web server, PHP, database, file system, caching layer, backups as well as the operating system.

Severity definitions

Service requests for Technical Support may be submitted online through our Client Portal or by email. The service request severity/priority level is selected by you and Vidya Mantra and should be based on the following severity definitions:

Emergency Site is unavailable or unusable for all users. Within 1 Hour
Critical Major functionality is impacted or significant performance degradation is experienced. The situation is causing a high impact on portions of your business operations and no reasonable workaround exists.


Service is operational but highly degraded performance to the point of major impact on usage.


Important features of the Software as a Service offering are unavailable with no acceptable workaround; however, operations can continue in a restricted fashion.

Within 4 Hours
Major There is a partial, non-critical loss of use of the service with a medium-to-low impact on your business, but not scalable. Within 12 Hours
Minor Other performance issues or individual user problems. Within 24 Hours
Cosmetic There is a partial, non-critical loss of use of the service with a medium-to-low impact on your business, but your business continues to function.  Short-term workaround is available, but not scalable. Within 48 Hours

* The response time is in business hours and indicates by when the ticket will at least be verified. Resolution might take longer.

Service request severity level

Initial Severity Level – At the time we accept a service request, we will record an initial severity level of the service request based on the Severity definitions defined above. Vidya Mantra’s initial focus, upon acceptance of a service request, will be to resolve the issue(s) underlying the service request. The severity level of a service request may be adjusted as described below.

Downgrades Of Severity Levels – If, during the service request process, the issue no longer warrants the severity level currently assigned based on its current impact on the production operation of the Support program, then the severity level will be downgraded to the severity level that most appropriately reflects its current impact.

Upgrade of Severity Levels – If, during the service request process, the issue warrants the assignment of a higher severity level than that currently assigned based on the current impact on the production operation of the application environment, then the severity level will be upgraded to the severity level that most appropriately reflects its current impact. In requesting any assignment of a higher severity level, you must provide us with sufficient information that demonstrates the increased impact of the issue on the production operation of the service.

Adherence to Severity Level Definitions – You shall ensure that the assignment and adjustment of any severity level designation is accurate based on the current impact on the production operation of the Support program. You acknowledge that we are not responsible for any failure to meet performance standards caused by your misuse or mis-assignment of severity level designations.

Service request escalation

If you believe in good faith that you have not received quality or timely assistance in response to a Support service request or that you urgently need to communicate important support related business issues to our management, you may escalate the service request to the Support Services Manager. The escalation process should not be used if you wish to change the reported business impact of the reported issue(s).

For service requests that are escalated, our Support Services Manager will be responsible for managing your escalation. The manager will work with you to develop an action plan and allocate the appropriate Vidya Mantra resources. If the issue underlying the service request continues to remain unresolved, you may request that it be escalated to the next level within Vidya Mantra as required. To facilitate the resolution of an escalated service request, you are required to provide contacts within your organization that are at the same level as that within Vidya Mantra to which the service request has been escalated.

Application upgrades

Upgrade means a subsequent release of the application which we generally make available for subscription to its supported customers at no additional license fee, provided you have a subscription offering that includes software upgrades for such subscription for the relevant time period. Upgrades are provided when available (as determined by us) and may not include all versions previously available. We are under no obligation to develop any future features or functionality. Any upgrade made available will be scheduled for installation. Notifications will be sent regarding the scheduled date and time of the upgrade.

Right to retire support

It may become necessary as a part of Vidya Mantra’s product lifecycle to retire support certain version releases of a product and, therefore, Vidya Mantra reserves that right.

Third party vendor specific support terms

You must remain on a supported application environment including applications and platforms to receive technical support. If an application retires support for its product, you may be required to upgrade to a current supported product or application to continue receiving technical support services from us.

*Third-party custom plugins developed for your LMS will require consultation and auditing from us prior to installation on your Production site. We reserve the right to refuse installation based on results of the audit.


Vidya Mantra shall have no obligation to provide technical support with respect to the software due to any:

  • Repairs or modifications to the application environment made by other than Vidya Mantra which has caused damage to the software or the hosting environment.
  • Customer’s connection of a device or a program to the software which makes support impractical or which has caused damage to the software or which is not included.
  • On-site support
  • Out of working hours support
  • Application training
  • Application deployment walkthroughs
  • Theme development or configuration
  • Report research and development
  • Our Technical Support Agents are not consultants and their assistance is limited to technical issues that you may encounter with the software. If your query requires training or development, you will be given the option to confer with an experienced consultant for further assistance. Additional fees may apply depending on the service of the request.
  • Limited or no Technical Support for additional custom plugins, or changes made to the application environment by code changes or requested hosting platform adjustments.
  • Service outages and/or decreased performance due to custom plugins, code changes, or requested adjustments to the hosting platform excludes our liability and commitment to the Hosting SLA

Some of the actions out of the scope of the standard support offering may be offered as a separate paid service.

Our client portal

The Vidya Mantra Client Portal is our customer portal for Technical Support. Access to the Client Portal is governed by this Technical Support Policy as well the Acceptable Use Policy, which are subject to change. A copy of these terms are available upon request. Access to the Client Portal is limited to your designated technical contacts and is included as part of our offering acquired through your purchase described in your Order Confirmation.

Contact information

Toll Free:   1.855.800.5577 (USA)

Phone:    +91 9971035577 (India)

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