At Key To School (KTS), we believe that Moodle is indeed a gift to all educators. However, it was observed that setting up and maintaining a Moodle server was an uphill task for many educators, and experience becomes worse by the restrictions imposed by many non-managed hosting providers. On the other end of the spectrum, the managed Moodle hosting is too costly for a first time Moodler and individuals on low budget. We strive to bring better moodle hosting solutions for moodlers who want best-in-class moodle-managed hosting services at the most affordable price.

We understand that their is a learning curve for new moodlers to get acquainted to the service. That is why, we give 30 days free trial for our hosting services. During this trial you can experiment with our services at your own pace and explore our free ready to use themes and 3rd party modules. We welcome those serious moodlers, who want to test our services on their terms. Come and compare us and feel the difference.

Just because it is very cost-effective does not mean that you have to settle for space and bandwidth quotas restricting your site to a prototype site. We strive to put generous disk-space quotas and no bandwidth limits so that you can carry out actual teaching at lowest price.

Moreover our beautiful world class themes create an in-distracted pleasant experience for your students.We are proud to serve over one million students daily. Hosting thousands of sites since 2009.


our unique Hosting features

  • Automated instant setup.
  • Ready to use custom themes designed by professional designers.
  • Ready to use 3rd party modules/plug-ins.
  • Latest, stable and secure versions of PHP and other back-end softwares.
  • Password recovery via control panel.
  • Active users stats, monthly and yearly graphs.
  • Auto Moodle cron setup.
  • Open and No vendor lock-in. >>