It is important that you understand difference between KeyToSchool and MoodleHosting.

Free Themes are available. Users are allowed to upload their own themes.
Access to Code
3rd party plugins are pre-installed. Users are allowed to upload or modify any plugin or file.
Moodle upgrades.
Moodle is always kept up to date. Users choose their own version.
System wide disaster recovery backups are made weekly. Daily individual site backups are made. Users can also request their old backups or request their site to be rolled back to older date.

Comparing KeyToSchool with shared hosting? Please don’t. Although we have low cost structure as of shared hosting providers there is a huge difference. Instead of having hidden clauses in terms and conditions, we have a service that works and works pretty well. You get preinstalled Moodle that run fast and is always kept up to date.