KeyToSchool is made for teachers, everything here is simple yet flexible. As soon as you place order, your site installation is placed in queue and within couple of minutes your site is ready to use.
Things like correct permissions, cron job scheduling etc are handled automatically by our automated installer.


From our portal, along with other regular stuff like invoice, billing etc you will also be able to glance basic stats about your Moodle site. Portal also gives you option to change the password of any site user instantly.


We know Moodle inside out, in past 5 years we have hosted thousands of Moodle site for organisations around the globe. All our infrastructure is planned and optimized to run your Moodle smoothly.

Moodle Plugins

Though Moodle itself is pretty complete but we clearly understand need of 3rd party plugins like Certificate module and others. Hence we have already included all popular 3rd party modules for you. In case you need us to add a new module just raise a ticket.

Moodle Themes

Thanks to our subsidiary www.MoodleThemes.com, we have dozens of high quality themes at your disposal. More themes are added on regular basis.

Low cost

Don’t let low prices distract you, these low prices are because we have eliminated human man hours by automating almost everything. Plus, given the huge infrastructure we have in place we can scale to thousands of sites, thus lowering costs further.
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our unique Hosting features

  • Automated instant setup.
  • Ready to use custom themes designed by professional designers.
  • Ready to use 3rd party modules/plug-ins.
  • Latest, stable and secure versions of PHP and other back-end softwares.
  • Password recovery via control panel.
  • Active users stats, monthly and yearly graphs.
  • Auto Moodle cron setup.
  • Open and No vendor lock-in. >>