Active Moodle UsersActive users in Moodle includes students, teachers, admin who have logged in moodle in last 30 days.

DIsk-SpaceTotal disk space including all files and database size.
5 GB 15 GB
Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited Unlimited
$49 per annum $199 per annum
Less than $5 per month Less than $16 per month
Setup feeSetup fee
Need more capacity?

Up to 100K Active Users, 3TB available

Need a micro plan?

25 Active Users and 1GB Disk space

Plans Common Features

Domain You can use your own domain name example: or the one provided by us.
Free Subdomains You can choose to have free sub-domains for your site for example:
Free Migration to KTS If your site is hosted elsewhere, you can choose to migrate your existing site to KTS platform without any additional charges.
Moodle Update Your Moodle site will always be kept updated to latest.
Admin Access You will have all admin privileges in your Moodle site.
Unlimited Courses We will not restrict you on number of courses in your site.
Expert Support You can have Moodle expert support via support tickets.
Bandwidth Unmetered.
Upgrade/Downgrade You can upgrade and downgrade your plan anytime.
Moodle Plugins All popular third party plugins are pre-installed.
Moodle Themes All themes from plus selected 3rd party themes are at your disposal.
FTP Access FTP access to moodledata folder is available.